Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Return of the Lobsters

So I trundled off to Leeds Market to purchase more lobster fabric, this time it was £3 a metre, which is weird as I'm sure it was £4 last time. Is this a sign of how phenomenally popular it hasn't been with the citizens of Leeds? Am I the only person who thinks that this is a good fabric for something other than bathroom curtains?

Anyway, I made up bodice number two, this time cut to a size 10. It did fit better but still had that huge gaping problem at the back! I thought that I had quite a wide back, so I'm baffled by this - maybe I am just a peculiar shape. However with the help of "Monsieur Julian" (my long-suffering but very encouraging husband with some pins in his mouth) we managed to pin the bodice into a workable shape and then cut off the excess. This seemed to do the trick!

DSC 0463

So here is the finished product - modelled on my belated honeymoon! I am very pleased with myself for completing this and not letting the 'If at first you don't succeed - give up' mentality take a hold of me.

So the dress for April was actually finished in early May - does it still count?


DSC 0304


  1. Hey Mikki, I love your dress and the fabric in particular. So much so, that I'm tempted to ask a friend of mine who lives in Leeds to get me you know the name of the stall you got it from?

    Looks like you went somewhere lovely for your honeymoon too!

  2. Fab isn't it! I'm pretty sure that the stall is called R&K Fabrics, if it's not that one it's the other fabric stall right near it.

    Thanks a lot, we went to Santorini and it was wonderful!

  3. Love the dress Mikki! You did a fantastic job. I love this fabric. :o)