Saturday, 30 April 2011

New Old Patterns

I have bought my first reproduction patterns from Butterick. It's not a bad idea, especially as they come in multi-sizes. For the most part however, they cost much more than any real vintage patterns that I buy on eBay. Maybe this is because I mainly purchase '60s patterns, which seem to be reasonably cheap, rather than the more expensive '50s and '40s ones.
I don't know why it should be that '60s patterns are cheaper than '50s ones, whether it be relative age making them harder to find, or current fashions causing higher demand? Or are there just more '50s enthusiasts out there than moddy types?
Anyway, the patterns i bought were these:
IMG 0287
Butterick B5603, a pattern from 1956, which I just think will make FABULOUS Summer dresses. Look at the size of that waist though! I hope that it's that small merely for illustrative purposes, or I am going to struggle to get into it. The average woman's waist size has increased over the decades though, so hopefully the 'new' pattern reflects that!
IMG 0288
And Butterick B5271. I don't 'do' 1940s, but have been invited to a '40s-themed party in July for a friend's 40th birthday, so I need to find some appropriate fabric to make this up in.
It will be interesting making up these new/old patterns and seeing how they compare to my usual old/old patterns!