Thursday, 10 February 2011

Toile and Trouble

I decided to make a dress suitable for wearing to a friend's wedding and as I had recently had delivery of just over 2 metres of bargainous olive green dupion silk, I thought that some sort of sophisticated cocktail dress would be in order.

Step forward Vogue 5942.




And a bow!  How I love a bow.

As my fabric was so lovely and I had a whole weekend with no plans I decided that I should do the right thing and make a toile first.  Am I glad I did.

When I opened the pattern I noticed something amiss.  The pattern pieces had no printing on them!  Just plain pieces of tracing paper with holes in them!  This meant a lot of referring back to the instructions as regards cutting out etc.  I was tempted to give up there and then.  But I persevered and managed to work out what pieces went where - eventually.  Once the actual sewing started things seemed to be going well, I made the bodice and it fit beautifully.  I made the skirt, this too seemed to fit nicely.  The problem arose when I put the pieces together - if I lined the zip hole in the bodice up with the zip hole in the skirt the seams on the skirt were horribly wonky.  If I lined up the seams on the skirt so that they looked like the drawing then the two zip holes were a good 3 inches apart - what to do?

The solution was obvious.  I had a glass of wine and gave up for the night.  I'd been working for about 7 hours on it by now and my patience was pretty much exhausted.

The next day I started afresh - with a bold new plan!  I would sew up the stupid under-the-armhole zip-holes and put a good old-fashioned back zipper in!  There was a centre seam down the back of the skirt and I could just add a bit on to the bodice.  I decided to test this on the toile and cut that bodice in half, ripped out some of the back seam on the skirt and (badly) stitched a manky old spare zip in. Success!  The results looked pretty good (if you didn't examine the actual quality of the sewing too closely).

DSC 0055


With renewed enthusiasm and a spirit of derring-do I set out to cut the pieces out for real.

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  1. Great! Sometimes the fact that a given garment problems simply make it more like it when completed. Good job!