Thursday, 3 February 2011

Peter Pan Syndrome

    I am enjoying one of those brief moments where things that I like suddenly appear all over the High Street.

    Maybe 'enjoying' is the wrong word.  Yesterday I was utterly bemused by the sheer number of Peter Pan collars in New Look.  They are everywhere!  In fact, if you enter 'Peter Pan' as a search on the New Look website there are no less than 65 matches!



    And all this before you even get into two more of my favourite things; huge bows and stripey t-shirts.  There are some lovely-looking (from a distance) '60s inspired dresses in there, but closer examination and a price tag of around £30 leads me to believe that I could actually make something, far cheaper, that wouldn't look so - well - cheap!  Haven't these people been to Leeds or Walthamstow Markets?  Don't they know how cheap decent fabric can be?

    Dorothy Perkins is similarly blessed at present, I'm starting to wonder if they have a acquired a new buyer with taste eerily similar to mine, possibly someone I know.  I purchased a lovely shift dress with a large bow at the neckline and a contrast stripe down the middle.  There are also dresses with scalloped collars, something else I'm a sucker for.  Dresses with bows!  Dresses with bell sleeves!  Colour-blocking!  Did someone just raid the Vintage Pattern Wiki for inspiration?

    Of course the trouble with these dresses is that hundreds of other women will be wearing them (obviously not with the same style and panache as me), I'm still hoping that some of them will turn up in the charity shops in 6 months and then I'll buy them to wear to work. I would NEVER dream of wearing a brand-new High Street dress to a party or club though, the risk is just too great. At least with genuine vintage (or shoddy homemade tat) the risk of seeing a lady in the same dress is very small indeed.




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